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Lourdes (    );  first-generation college grad (Yale '22).  Psychology meets Marketing meets Design meets Fine Art. Making visual experiences that matter. Previously @ BOMB Magazine, soon to be @ Google.

digital media • graphic design • fine art


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As a Digital Media Specialist for The Conversationalist, I had the exciting opportunity to work on marketing and asset creation for a co-branded campaign with media giant, betr media. For this project, I designed an Instagram face filter, a co-branded baseball cap, and a TikTok background as well as the entire logo/asset package. The week of the campaign, The Conversationalist's account reached close to 60,000 unique impressions, and an estimated 500,000 total branded content impressions, inspiring thousands of young voices including several influencers from TikTok's Wilking Sisters to Disney Channel's Dakota Lotus!


FUSE: A BOMB Podcast


During my time as an intern for BOMB Magazine, I was fortunate to work closely with the Director of Audience Engagement + Digital Production to come up with a visual identity for BOMB's new podcast, FUSE. Together, we were able to create sleek and cohesive marketing assets from ideation to execution. These assets were used on social media and in BOMB's weekly newsletters.  

Changing Womxn Collective

The work I've done with CWC is near and dear to my heart. The Changing Womxn team and I prioritize social impact and amplification of marginalized voices in our work. This past summer my focus was to design a series of infographics to bring the research and experiences of my colleagues to life. This project propelled our Instagram account to nearly 30,000 followers in a matter of weeks. 

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ABRCMS Conference


In 2019 I worked on a project that has monumentally shaped my perspective and informed my work in every capacity. I co-authored a research presentation in collaboration with Columbia University's Laboratory of Intergroup Relations and the Social Mind. Our research sought to examine the anxiety induced by perceived motivations of non-prejudiced behavior.  Our data, analyzed in R, showed that Black participants experienced higher anxiety when they were suspicious of a white ostensive participant's motives behind their un-prejudiced behavior.  In other words, marginalized individuals cope with anxiety related to the uncertainty of whether or not an outgroup member is genuinely unprejudiced or not. 



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