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I am currently the Head of Graphic Design and Media for the collective, an Indigenous-founded and community-powered digital space for womxn, especially womxn of color, and their allies. As a collective of change-makers, path-breakers, artists, and leaders, our mission is to empower each other’s work, spotlight those who inspire us, and connect with each other to create real change.


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This past summer my focus was to design a series of infographics to bring the research and experiences of my colleagues to life. Click each image above to view the infographic in its entirety. This project caught fire and ended up expanding our Instagram following by close to 20,000 followers in a matter of weeks. With these and every piece of content we create or publish, our goal is to amplify and empower. It warms our hearts that we are now able to continue this vital work on such a large platform.

Event Promotion

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CWC accepts submissions for our digital publication about 3 times yearly. We also hold workshops, poetry readings, and more! One of my responsibilities is to create the promotional materials for these events, This style is one that has and continues to evolve! Changing Womxn Collective is an organization that seeks to reject traditional standards of beauty and art, and our content reflects this. 


Enjoy these shots of me and this beautiful team I'm so lucky to be a part of.